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Cross Contamination Hot Spot

Preventing the spread of disease in commercial offices.

According to Becky Mollenkamp

HAND WASHING is the best weapon against illness, yet as many as 25 percent of Americans don’t later up after using the rest room. Those people then touch doorknobs, elevator buttons and other communal spots, leaving behind germs for others to unknowingly pick up.
The phenomenon of spreading bacteria from place to place or person to person is called cross-contamination and it has been a hot-button issue in healthcare, food services and education markets. Unfortunately, it receives less attention in commercial offices. There was a time when it was a big problem and maybe you’d catch the occasional flu, but you didn’t see the things you see today.
Janitors play a critical role in cross-contamination. They can either dramatically improve or drastically reduce a facility’s healthfulness. The goal with cleaning should be to safeguard health without harming the environment. But if you clean one area with a cloth and then use the same cloth somewhere else, then you just transfer bad things around and that’s the exact opposite of what we should be doing.
Without education, janitors can make potentially harmful mistakes. For example, a common approach to restroom cleaning is to clean the toilet first—it’s the first thing the janitor sees—and then use the same rag to wipe off other surfaces. Or the janitor could be doing it right by saving the toilet as the last thing to be wiped down. All janitors should be trained at a hospital level of cleaning whether they are in a hospital or any type of commercial building.
Janitors play a critical role in cross-contamination. At Cleaning Solutions, our goal with cleaning is to safe guard health without harming the environment. We educate our Cleaning Specialist the proper way to not transfer bad things around by using different cloths for the different areas in your office.
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Posted on December 11, 2014 by Velma Wilson

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